Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Bogeyman
El Cuco
The Sack Man
Rawhead Rex
Bloody Bones
The Shape
Bloody Mary
Jenny Greenteeth
The Fair Folk
Oude Rode Ogen
The Nikker
The Devil
The Tall Man
The Dark Man
The Slender Man
It has endless names, infinite forms.
The Fear can not be killed.
The Fear can not be out ran.
We can't hide.

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  1. I was surprised to see you add Oude Rode Ogen here, I do not understand why you add it and what you know of it. My grandmama used to tell us of The Nikker around the December holiday season, saying that when children were bad a large black man would come in the night and steal and eat us alive. That the good children were visited by Sinterklaas who would bring gifts and protect us from the night. I know it is a long forgotten story by now, I thought it was only known in my region of Belgium. I am very surprised to see that people even remember it. I am in my 60's now but do remember the story of the beast very well, and how it scared me as a child whenever I seen dark skinned people. I always thought they were going to eat me.