Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fear

It seems to me people are really scared. Humanity as a whole is truly Frightened to it's core. How can I tell? Basic human behavior. We get scared, we panic, and lash out. The true reason behind much of today's chaos, from riots, to increasing in religious, spiritual, and supernatural beliefs are a cause of this root Fear. Funny part? We don't even know why we're scared. Sure you can blame economic uncertainty, terrorists, war, natural disasters, and a million other things. We live in a horrible world and there is much to Fear. But the truth? This Fear goes much deeper than all of that. When it comes to Fear that which appears to be cause may well be effect, and that which appears to be effect is often cause. Humanity is slowly being stricken to their core with Fear and superstition the likes of which have been unseen in ages. It has been a long time since we believed in Monsters. Perhaps we are learning why.

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