Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Nothing

I still have not heard anything from my brother. He's not at his apartment, he's not contacting anyone anyone outside of the blog. We've reported him missing but there's no leads. If anyone finds out anything, please send me a message. And Charles, if you read this, please come home. We're all worried about you.

I read his newest post.  The list is a series of names of various creatures. What's significant is they are or were all, as the first name indicates, types of bogeymen from various cultures. They are beings from myths, legends, and folktales made to scare people, in most cases children. Anyone familiar with the Slender Man knows where he fits into that. All this obviously leads in to his lines about fear, and must be connected to the previously rantings on fear. But what is the significance of it all? Is he scared, or does he think he's warning someone, and in  either case why? And what of? This can't just be about some online stories.

Finally, again, Charles, please, you need help, if you're scared your family will help you.

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