Saturday, March 12, 2011


He appeared again, the Bogeyman that is. I had been in a nearby town with a friend yesterday and we were driving home, each in our separate vehicles. My friend had driven pretty far ahead of me as we were driving through some back roads. Now I have been paranoid recently so driving alone in the dark was already disconcerting, but I felt a wave of this irrational, primal dread. I hit this stretch of road surrounded by trees on either side, and I stopped being able to see my friends tail lights ahead of me, and my music in the car stopped playing. Then, my headlights dimmed to where I could barely see the road ahead of me. That's when He appeared in front of my car. Filled with Fear, I sped up, attempting to run him over, but His distance from my car did not change. I was shocked to the point I took my foot off the gas. When the Car slowed down, He did not move farther away, no matter what I did, the distance between me and Him would not change. Then He spoke with no face. Or maybe He put the voice in my head to communicate. The worst part was the voice. It was that of a child. A small girl's voice to be exact. The voice said to me "You can't escape your Fear." It had no emotion in it. Like it was a fact, not a threat. "It will consume you as it always does, no one escapes." A new voice joined it, this one more ominous, primordial, but still with no emotion, positive or negative. "I am as old Life and Death. I am your race's Creation and Creator . I am because you are."

After that everything was to normal, my heavy metal was playing, my lights were bright, my car had stopped, and my friend had pulled over. He asked if I was ok and said I had nearly driven off the road. I told him I was fine, just tired. He slowed down and kept me in his sight the rest of the drive home. I write all this down as a record, and also keep a paper journal as backup. I hope someone reads this and can help decipher all this insanity. And most of all, so I might sort it out before I go insane.

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