Monday, February 7, 2011


I was never supposed to post on this blog this much. It was meant to be my sister's with myself occasionally contributing. But I need an outlet. Weird crap is going on. I have always been a fan of the mythos since the beginning. I watch the vlog with the mysterious masked man. I read the blog involving a notebook and Yggdrasil. I loved that stuff. I always have loved monsters and horror. I considered myself an expert. But this is something different. I don't know whats happening. I never believed in anything without proof before. But I know it's him. He's stalking me. He's real. The Young Slender Bogey Man. An online myth. Or not. Heh. Well I can't say I'm not scared but I'm also excited. I'm a hopeless nerd. I always wanted something more out of life. Well I'm gonna know my enemy. I'm not gonna disappear.

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