Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Child

Recently moved out of my parent's house. I finally get a taste of freedom and I'm too scared shitless too enjoy it.
The other night I was walking home, past the park, as I usually do each night after my nighttime jogs, and I heard a child scream. I turned and saw a little girl in a white gown running. I ran to her to ask her what was wrong. First thing I noticed in the yellowish light from the streetlamp, was that her skin was very pale, and her hair was completely white. She was crying, weeping, I bent over and asked her what was wrong. "My mommy told me not to play outside at night". I responded "Where is your mommy?". "I couldn't find her and he got me". "Who got you ?" I asked, fearing the answer. "The Bogeyman got me". After she said that the girl looked up and I saw her eyes. Those eyes were pitch black. There was no white to be seen. I backed away and the light flickered. Where the black eyed girl was standing there was now a tall man in black, with a featureless face white as the moon.

I going to do some research on that girl and the park. Maybe there I'll figure out what's going on.
I'm not going on nighttime jogs anymore.

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