Monday, February 28, 2011

The Child part 2

Did some research on the girl. Turns out Em was right about one thing, black eyed kids have been seen everywhere. But there's more. They are often thought to be spirits of kids that have died in horrible unexpected ways, (fires, drownings, etc,) or disappeared mysteriously. I dug in some more and found that many sightings of a tall, faceless, slender man were seen in areas near black eyed kid sightings. I looked through some town archives and asked around, a young girl disappeared several years ago, last seen in the park. It was presumed she drowned in the park's lake, but no body was ever found.

As I researched, I began to vaguely remember some tales told when I was a child, local Monster legends told by kids, every town has a few, of a dark figure, a local Bogeyman, that was headless ("you look above his neck, and there's nothing there" I remember the story went) that roamed the town at night, snatching children who stayed out too late. This is getting ridiculous.

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